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Subject: Clarification on Policy References

Hi devs,

I have some clarification on run time�behavior�of a PDP with �"PolicyIdReference" and "PolicySetIdReference". �Sorry , if this is already discussed common question. But really�appropriate your ideas.��

Say in a PDP you have three policies. �

root-policy-set ---> �foo-policy , bar-policy�
"root-policy-set" has �"PolicyIdReference" �to "foo-policy" and "bar-policy". �When XACML request. is hit with the PDP, which is applicable with both "root-policy-set" and �"foo-policy" policies, Do PDP want to evaluate both policies? �If, �"foo-policy" would be evaluated two time? �Therefore what would be the�recommended way to handle this by the PDP?�

Thanks in Advance.

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