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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] RE: Updated version of XACML JSON profile

Hi Glenn,

On 26/03/2014 3:23 AM, GRIFFIN, GLENN (GLENN) wrote:
- 3.3.4 As I learned from the discussions, these values are allowed in the core XACML version.  By dis-allowing them in this profile we are making the JSON not equivalent to the XML version.

                 If that is what we want to do, then it should be clearly stated as such.

                 Now that these values are stated in terms of the IEEE standard (thank you for removing the JavaScript references) and I have learned that they are included (by reference) in the XACML core standard, I now think we should allow them in this interface.  The issue of what to do with them really needs to be resolved in the XACML core spec, not here, so perhaps this section should be removed?  On the other hand, because of the possibility that a client might be written in Javascript and thus there is a greater possibility of these values appearing on this interface, perhaps we need to leave the section in?  Either way my preference would be that these values be treated the same way as the core spec.

The consensus of the XACML TC is that we will remove the special numeric
values as legal values of the XACML double data-type via errata to the
XACML core specification. An XACML double value in XML that contains a
special value will be a syntax error. Thus the JSON profile and the core
specification will (eventually) be consistent - neither will support the
special values.


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