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Subject: Re: [xacml-users] RBAC using XACML

Hi Stoica.

On Apr 11, 2005, at 4:42 PM, Stoica Alexandru wrote:
>    I'm trying to develop an simple RBAC service using Sun's XACML
> implementation.The service it's actually a server , responding to
> clients' requests.

FYI, there is a discussion list over at sourceforge for this project, 
where a bunch of SunXACML users hang out. If you've got specific 
questions about the implementation, you should try sending mail that 

>   I'm having trouble sending/receving the RequestCtx/ResponseCtx over
> the network.I know the Sun's XACML implementation doesn't have support
> for this kind of operations, it only works with files(load and save
> objects from .xml files).

As others have suggested, SAML is a good approach to this. Also..

> I've tried using the "encode" and "getInstance" methods to send data
> over stream obtained from a channel
> (Channels.NewInput/OutputStream(channel)) but the "getInstance"
> parsing method finishes only if the client closes the connection.I've
> also tried reading the data first , and then create an InputStream
> class over an nio.ByteBuffer with read/write methods instead of
> put/get but I always get an parsing exception when I try to create an
> Request object by calling getInstance.

Right. This has nothing to do with the SunXACML code, but with how 
networking code works. When you close the stream, only then does the 
XML handling code know that the data is finished, and then it starts 
parsing the tree. What you need to do is write your own network handler 
that reads input, sees when the transfer is complete, and only then 
parses the data. If you look in the archives of the sunxacml-discuss 
list you'll see others asking about this.


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