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Subject: Expression Policies that require user attributes in a geneneral way

I am looking to create a policy that generates an access decision based
on user attributes, but in a general way.

For instance, take the simplest case where I want to allow read access
to the user: sam on the page: www.example.com/sam.  I would also like
to do the same for mary (www.example.com/mary) and john
(www.example.com/john).  I could, of course, write three policies for
all three, but that does not scale.

here is my start:
<Policy PolicyId="ExamplePolicy1"
        RuleCombiningAlgId=...>  <Target>
        <ResourceMatch MatchId=...regexp-string-match”>
          <ResourceAttributeDesignator AttributeId=...:resource-id”
  <Rule RuleId="ReadRule" Effect="Permit">

I am having trouble constructing a Condition Function in a Rule base on
a variable attribute of a Subject.



Rupert Webb
Software Engineer

Work: 781-472-3756
Cell: 617-257-4447

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