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Subject: Real World XACML Policies

Hi All,

I'm a graduate student at University of Maryland, working on
logic-based policy analysis. The basic idea behind my thesis is to use
semantic web reasoning to provide formal analysis of XACML policies.
In particular, my analysis framework offers standard services such as
verification, and nonstandard ones like policy subsumption, disjoint
policies, discoveringredundant policies, etc. You can find more info
at [1].

Currently, I am evaluating my work against real-world policies, so I
am searching for realistic XACML policy sets. If you have any that are
publicly available, please let me know. If your policies are not meant
for public viewing, we can sign an academic research agreement (and/or
NDA) - all of the analysis results will be reported back to you.

Many Thanks,
Vladimir Kolovski

[1] http://www2007.org/program/paper.php?id=656

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