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Subject: Re: [xacml-users] Help on Condition ? <-- Obligations


The difference between "action" and "information/advice" elements still look vague to me. Adding Obligations to a Rule is something that I would like to see too. I had to wrap each rule to a policy in the past because rule-level obligations were not available.

> to call it :). As an Obligation the Policy Writer should be
> able to expect that the action will transpire and if not
> some sort of error condition will occur. The latter will not
> be bound to an explicit action and subsequent processing may
> or may not act independently from the original decision
> request/response.

Let us modify my example a bit by changing message to: "You've exceeded the max of $10000 in 6-month period. If you want to continue using the bill pay service, sign the agreement below".

If a user signs the agreement bill pay functionality will be enabled, otherwise the access will be denied. How is it different from the "sign agreement" obligation that Yoichi was writing about?


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