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Subject: Minutes 18 December 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Anthony Nadalin
    Rich Levinson
    Duane DeCouteau
    David Staggs
    Anil Saldhana

    John Tolbert
    Sean Curran

   Quorum met (88% per Kavi)

2. Administrivia
    Minutes from 4 December 2008 Meeting
    Approved unanimously.

    Hal proposed that the TC meet every week after the first of the
    year or extend the existing meetings to 2 hours. There is general
    agreement that the TC move to weekly meetings through the delivery
    of v3. The next meeting will be 8 January 2009.

    Bill discussed the Oasis Jira/Subversion implementation. TC members
    should have received notification of an account being created. Bill
    offered to have the issues list moved over on 1/1.

    Duane reviewed the XSPA Profile submission. The document was edited
    for some formatting and administrative requirements and submitted.

3. Issues
    Issue #66: Policy Combining
    Rich reviewed the state of the Issue. Erik suggested that we limit
    the normative combining algorithms. Tony voiced concern that
    introducing a fixed number will limit the implementation  

    Erik proposed to add the 4 new "extended" combining algorithms be
    added to the specification and that the existing algorithms be
    marked for future deprecation. There is general agreement to adding
    the combining algorithms. The TC needs more time to discuss making
    the new algorithms mandatory and if so, whether to mark the existing
    combining algorithms as marked for future deprecation.

    Obligations in Rules
    There was a discussion on Obligations. There is general agreement to
    allow Obligations at the Rule level and introduce a type of
    Obligation (Advice?) that may be ignored. Bill raised the concern
    that Obligations do not currently have a combining mechanism and
    that it is likely that conflicts will arise at the PEP.

    There is general agreement that Obligations be mandatory. Hal
    suggested that the TC needs to review what is mandatory/optional in
    the specification at a later date.

    Missing Attributes
    Erik reviewed the discussion on the list. Hal will post clarified

meeting adjourned.

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