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Subject: Re: [xacml-users] Rationale for 3.0 schema combining policy and contextschemas in same file and namespace

I understand the predicament. One way to deal with it would have been to 
place common schema in a common.xsd with separate namespace and had the 
other two import it. Without knowing more details IMHO it would have 
been better.

In my experience, monolithic schemas tend to not be good in the long run 
but then again perhaps xacml schema is simple enough (and likely to stay 
so) that one file could be OK.

On 08/03/2010 11:56 AM, Erik Rissanen wrote:
> One of the 2.0 schemas imported the other in order to reuse some of the
> elements. In XACML 3.0 we had to, because of the new features, also
> import elements in the reverse direction as well. This lead to a
> circular import, which seemed to cause trouble with some (many?) XML
> parsers.
> The options were to either duplicate the required element declarations
> in two separate schemas or to merge the schemas.
> I suggested we merge since it leads to less redundancy and easier
> implementation since a given element, like<AttributeValue>, would have
> the same namespace regardless it appears in the request/response or a
> policy.
> Best regards,
> Erik
> On 08/03/2010 05:21 PM, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> I just started looking at XACML 3.0 draft specs and noticed that the
>> policy and context schemas have been combined into a single file name
>> xacml-core-v3-schema-wd-17.xsd.
>> FWIW, in my experience it is better to keep policy (information model)
>> and context (protocol) schemas in separate xsd files and namespaces.
>> As such I feel XACML 2.0 had it right and XACML 3.0 combining the two
>> is a step in the wrong direction.
>> I was curious what the rationale of the TC was to make this change and
>> would be grateful for some explanation. Thanks in advance.
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