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Subject: Which XSD of SAML Profile of XACML to use?

The official xsd files published under SAML Profile of XACML 2.0 (access_control-xacml-2.0-saml-protocol-schema-os.xsd & access_control-xacml-2.0-saml-assertion-schema-os.xsd) seem to contain some bugs and won’t validate.   I found the other two new xsd files under XACML 3.0 link on OASIS web site (xacml-2.0-profile-saml2.0-v2-schema-assertion-wd-13.xsd & xacml-2.0-profile-saml2.0-v2-schema-protocol-wd-13.xsd) that have no validation errors.  


So my question is, are these two xsd files (xxx-wd-13.xsd) the latest version of xacml-samlp & xacml-saml?  If yes, why they are labeled with wd-13 (I believe wd stands for working draft)?  If not,  Is the XACML TC going to come up with new schema files for xacml-samlp and xacml-saml?


Thanks a lot!



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