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Subject: Policy with subject specific resources

I have been asked to investigate how we should implement a XACML policy to authorise a user to access a personal section of a web application, and would be grateful for comments. I am aware of the method described in http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml/200404/msg00076.html, which addresses the type of problem I am concerned with. It is preferred to not use the subject-id as part of the URL, so that the URLs cannot be guessed. The following would be possibilities:
1) Add specific functionality to the PEP to include a subject attribute that is the user specific part of the URL (as suggested in the mailing list contribution referenced above). The application and PEP would use a shared mechanism for mapping subject-id to attribute value as with (3) below.
   This method has the disadvantage that it requires adding application specific functionality to an otherwise general PEP.
2) Create a rule for each subject.
   This has the disadvantages that the policy must be updated and reloaded when a user is added, and that performance is likely to be poor for large numbers of users.
3) Write a custom XACML function to perform the mapping from subject-id to user specific URL component. If the function encrypts the subject-id using a fixed key, it would be general but would allow the possibility of users breaking the encryption - this may be an acceptable risk in our context. The function could also use a table of mappings from subject-id to random URL components; this table would have to be shared with the application.

Is there a better method (where "better" includes requiring less/no custom modification to the PDP or PEP, scaling well with number of users and being manageable)?

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