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Subject: Status

For those of you wondering about the silence on the list, I am waiting two
weeks from the request for participation to start any kind of real activity.
We can't do any official work until after the first call in May, but I'm
making a list of background research oriented things to get together for our
website at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xacml/. I'll need some help
pulling these together and will initiate the requests for help at the end of
this week.

Meanwhile a little news ...

Tomorrow the official OASIS press release announcing our activity goes out. 

I have fielded several inquiries from analysts about the activity already
and expect more after the press release. 

Our subscriber list is now at 24 members.

Simon Y. Blackwell 
Psoom, Inc. 
Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787 

Simon Blackwell (E-mail).vcf

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