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Subject: Volunteers Needed

I need a volunteer to collect a list of useful URLs to information related to XACML for posting on our website. Most useful I think would be a single layer of categorization for the URLs plus a one or two sentence description for each. I imagine the process would go something like this:
1. I get a volunteer
2. List members send suggestions to volunteer and volunteer does own research
3. Volunteer edits results
4. Volunteer sends results to me
5. I post on website
Naturally, the list will evolve over time, which I can probably handle. I just need some help getting over the first hurdle of assembling a list.
I am willing to take it on, but I would also be interested if someone else would officially take on being the liaison with Security Services. Actually, a primary and a back-up would be great.
There are a number of security services documents with which we need to stay in sync. We might also want an official XACML member to track synchronization with each doc separately, e.g. one for glossary, one for domain definition, etc.

Simon Y. Blackwell
Psoom, Inc.
Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787


Simon Blackwell (E-mail).vcf

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