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Subject: Re: Volunteers Needed

i will volunteer to be the list aggregator.


> "Simon Y. Blackwell" wrote:
> I need a volunteer to collect a list of useful URLs to information
> related to XACML for posting on our website. Most useful I think would
> be a single layer of categorization for the URLs plus a one or two
> sentence description for each. I imagine the process would go
> something like this:
> 1. I get a volunteer
> 2. List members send suggestions to volunteer and volunteer does own
> research
> 3. Volunteer edits results
> 4. Volunteer sends results to me
> 5. I post on website
> Naturally, the list will evolve over time, which I can probably
> handle. I just need some help getting over the first hurdle of
> assembling a list.
> I am willing to take it on, but I would also be interested if someone
> else would officially take on being the liaison with Security
> Services. Actually, a primary and a back-up would be great.
> There are a number of security services documents with which we need
> to stay in sync. We might also want an official XACML member to track
> synchronization with each doc separately, e.g. one for glossary, one
> for domain definition, etc.
> Simon Y. Blackwell
> Psoom, Inc.
> Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787

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