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Subject: RE: XACML: ex-act-mul or zak-mul ?

Well, I've been pronouncing it: ex-ak-mul

no accounting for taste, but I've always regarded the "X" as an extension
and not part of the name :-)

- joe

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Hodges [mailto:jhodges@oblix.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 4:39 PM
To: xacml@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: XACML: ex-act-mul or zak-mul ?

a pronunciation question:

XACML:  ex-zak-mul  or  zak-mul ?

As a hint, ask yourself how you really pronounce XEROX. (and yes I suppose
leaving myself open to some flamage from



ps: a co-worker of mine at xerox pronounced "xerox" quite clearly as
"zee-rocks". I seem to recall he was speaking a southeasternUS dialect of
american english.

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