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Subject: RE: Subcommittees

I would like to participate in the "Standards Interoperability"
committee. An "Interoperability Statement" is possibly an initial
this committee can make to clearly identify XACML's usefulness
when there are other security efforts, some even with
policies in XML. I proposed something like this in the conf-call,
but let me state the idea with some more clarity below. 
Please consider the para below to be a proposal to the Standards Interop
subcommittee, and to XACML at large.

The Interoperability Statement should be able to answer the following
questions (this doc essentially maps to "identify" function of the
1. What other standards works are relevant to XACML
I can think of SAML, XRML, IETF-AAA Research (other authorization works)
as directly relevant, and
XKMS, XMLDSIG, and other authentication and crypto works as belonging
to the landscape. It may be valuable to identify other standards that
might consume XACML (e.g., eBXML TP or TRP).
2. What is the broad landscape that consist of all these standards.
3. What value does XACML bring to it (TC Charter reformulation should help
state the value more clearly).
I am fairly sure many of you who were instrumental in kicking XACML effort
off would know the answer to this - the idea is to get the thoughts on
The users of XACML spec would much appreciate it. It is quite possible that
efforts we were not even aware of would surface.

The actual tracking and liaisoning with directly relevant and consumer
is important and is possibly a parallel activity to creating the


-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Y. Blackwell [mailto:sblackwell@psoom.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 5:16 AM
To: 'xacml@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: Subcommittees

The following subcommittes were proposed on the conference call:

Standards & Interoperability - To identify, track, and liase with other
standards efforts relevant to XACML
Intellectual Property - To identify, track, and liase with organizations
that may hold intellectual property in the area we are addressing.
Use Case - Need I say more!
Specifications - The details that realize the use cases.

Based on Hal Lockhart's observation about protocols for interacting with an
XACML repository, I suggest that Specifications actually be two separate


I think this will allow those with specific interests or expertise to choose
the group most appropriate to them. Please let me know if you disagree.

If you are interested in heading or participating in a particular
subcommittee, please post to the list.

Simon Y. Blackwell 
Psoom, Inc. 
Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787 

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