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Subject: RE: Subcommittees

Title: RE: Subcommittees
I'd like to work on both of the Specifications sub-committees.
However, I just got married on Friday and I'll be on honeymoon (and completely unplugged! Yay!) in Ireland until June 11th, so don't be surprised if I don't seem to be contributing much in the next two weeks.
Chris McLaren
Principal Engineer
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From: Ken Yagen [mailto:kyagen@crosslogix.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 6:11 PM
To: 'xacml@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: RE: Subcommittees

I'd like to participate in Intellectual Property and Use Cases

Ken Yagen
Director, Software Development
CrossLogix, Inc.

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From: Thomas Hardjono [mailto:thardjono@verisign.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 9:28 AM
To: Simon Y. Blackwell; 'xacml@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: Re: Subcommittees

Hi Simon,

I'd like to participate in the Standards & Interoperability since
the work of XACML may have impact on IDRM.



At 5/23/01||03:15 AM, Simon Y. Blackwell wrote:
>The following subcommittes were proposed on the conference call:
>Standards & Interoperability - To identify, track, and liase with other
>standards efforts relevant to XACML
>Intellectual Property - To identify, track, and liase with organizations
>that may hold intellectual property in the area we are addressing.
>Use Case - Need I say more!
>Specifications - The details that realize the use cases.
>Based on Hal Lockhart's observation about protocols for interacting with an
>XACML repository, I suggest that Specifications actually be two separate
>I think this will allow those with specific interests or expertise to choose
>the group most appropriate to them. Please let me know if you disagree.
>If you are interested in heading or participating in a particular
>subcommittee, please post to the list.
>Simon Y. Blackwell
>Psoom, Inc.
>Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787

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