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Subject: FW: July 12th Conference Call Minutes

Title: July 12th Conference Call Minutes
Here are the minutes courtesy of Ken Yagen. The adopted charter will be posted to the list later today as will the revised F2F agenda.

XACML Conference Call
July 12, 2001 7AM PDT

Roll Call - 17 Voting Members for determining quorum, 14 people on call, 10 are members so we have quorum (Simon can provide list of those on call)

Ken Yagen from CrossLogix volunteered to be recording secretary and do minutes
Need to document who's present and any votes taken at a minimum

Charter Adoption
Simon read most recent revision charter (combination of Suresh's email and last paragraph on website)
Hal motioned to adopt charter
Gilbert seconded - open discussion
Jeff - would be nice to have all of it in front of you
Simon - Point of reference; the handling has been slightly off, but will not hold up voting
Vote: 10 - 0 for adoption
Simon Will post, crosspost to SAML and have the website updated

Domain Model
Just posted to list this morning by Gil
Off topic: Digital Rights (DR) discussion
Hal - Digital Rights vs XACML; DR should be reflected in domain model because it's slightly different
Gil - How do you see it should be reflected?
Hal - PEP little narrow; What does Grant Rights Mean? If another party should be reflected in domain model
Simon - Do transaction portion is PEP, rather than PDP
Hal - DR problem is enforcement
Simon - Postpone domain model proposed for discussion, seconded by several people
Gil - Feed comments about Domain Model back to gil so he can draw up an issues list

Digital Rights Cont'd (and some use case discussion)
Simon - extensible primitive rights
Hal - Leave XACML as framework and have communities of interest define specific rights; PDP's, Attr Authority don't need to understand semantics of target, but PEP does; Will define middle stuff, DR people can define end points

Jeff - could be convinced that policy aspect is a non issue as discussed here; Be on guard and watch for issues to arise

Hal - Fundamental scoping issue
Simon - Generic and useful without something specific
Hal - pick 1 or 2 domains?
Fred - Get into these issues in Use Cases?
Hal - what were the three categories of use cases? Could that be reposted?
Simon - traditional AC UC; DRM type; QOS Provisioning type (like RFC Policy Core)
Hal - speaking of what you need XACML machinery to do; how would I use XACML; third?
Simon - will get those distinctions posted to list and go from there
Simon - Sydney, MPEG org closing out call for requirements for DR and Data dictionary and calling for proposal
Hal - Looked at Reuters document and recommend reading it; has a lot of background
Simon - Second recommendation; listed it on the agenda for FTF; intend have further discussions with them for how we can play a role

FTF Planning
Simon - was a suggestion to discuss use cases from suresh; will replace requirements with use cases
Simon read proposed agenda
Does meeting attendance count for good standing? Simon to check with Karl Best; no binding votes so not a major issue
Last count planned attendance: 12 physically, 4-5 remote
Ken - will send out list of other hotels nearby to list
Ken - add another hour earlier or later? and schedule breaks
Simon - move ahead an hour and move breakfast to 8 and start at 9
Ken - will check and send out what hosted meeting sign will say? What room?
Gil - 1 hour for Domain Model
Suresh - use case prior to domain model?
Gil - misunderstandings in use cases in SAML because things weren't defined but we have SAML domain model to work off of

? - Glossary brought up
Simon  - folks should review glossary; what terms in SAML confusing with XACML?
Jeff - target vs resource; Saml voted on resource; Will try to revise SAML glossary before Wed next week; Policy terminiology internet draft out there - will send pointer to list

Simon - Will start with use cases
Fred - put together a set of use cases for HL7 that may be interesting - how do you protect SAML documents
Suresh - can present ebXML use cases
Bill - Hal mentioned he had some
Simon - all morning for uses cases (with a break); Domain model after lunch then jump to some existing work;
Ken - website and other presentations of work?
SImon - will coordinate putting up website; coordinating to get copy of presentation to discuss it from Michiharu; no response from others.

Dave - Just joined; Happy to come on telephone and present
? - How to specify the target within XACML?
SImon - premature but possibly at end if still time
motion to adjourn at 8:15 PDT

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