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Subject: FW: July 26, 2001 Minutes

Title: July 26, 2001 Minutes
I am forwarding raw minutes from today's conference call to the list. In the future I expect that Ken will post these directly. This will provide people the opportunity to review and comment while I am in the process of drafting more structured minutes.
-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Yagen [mailto:kyagen@crosslogix.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 8:24 AM
To: 'Simon Y. Blackwell'
Subject: July 26, 2001 Minutes


Here are my raw minutes. Do you want me to post these to the list in their current state or you will clean them up and post them or what?

Also, I will not be able to make the next F2F (although I'll send Simon Godik to represent CrossLogix) so you will probably need to take attendance and have someone else take notes which I'm sure won't be a problem (especially if Gil is there). I didn't object because I'll be gone for 2 weeks on vacation and that pretty much ruled out my attending a Sept F2F. Unless Ernesto sponsors it, because I will actually be in Milan! : )

Ken Yagen
Director, Software Development
CrossLogix, Inc


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