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Subject: XACML September 20, 2001 Conference Call

Title: XACML September 20, 2001 Conference Call

The meeting focused on the open chair position and a recap and followup to items from the Face to Face meeting. Karl Best from Oasis was present and discussed the duties of the chair. Joe added comments on being a co-chair of SAML. It was decided that we would have co-chairs and Hal, Carlisle, Ken, and Ernesto were nominated. Nominations still continue until Friday and acceptance must be posted by Monday. In discussing the face to face, the glossary, requirements, policy model, and timeframe for submitting a specification were the main issues. Joe has arranged a glossary committee meeting for next Friday (28th). Carlisle will be submitting a draft requirements document to the list. Timeframe discussions suggested March 1 but was left as an open action item, and Pierangela will be setting up a policy model subcommittee.

Action Items

No formal votes were taken. An informal vote was made to have co-chairs and a voting process was defined. Agreed that each voting member would have two votes and the top two vote getters would be elected as co-chairs.

<<XACML 092001 Minutes .doc>>

XACML 092001 Minutes .doc

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