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Subject: [xacml] policy subcommittee meeting on Dec. 3 - minutes


i have been keeping track on things we have agreed in the concall
tonight.  here they are listed. if you do not agree pls say rightaway.
otherwise we can consider them as decided.

1) each request is for a single resource

2) scope associated with a policy (when designing schema we'll see
  whether to move this to rules). The scope is extensionally
  defined. The scope is specified extensionally as the name of a
  resource or of a set of them (possibly specified via patterns, i.e.,
  with the use of a wildcard).  not agreement yet on whether the scope
  should include the action.

3) actions do not have parameters. actions simply have a name. what
  the policy subcommittee documents was referring to as parameters of
  the action (e.g., amount of money to withdraw associated with a
  withdraw request) are seen as attributes of the request.

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