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Subject: [xacml] [Model] Re: Composition Use Case

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On 17 December, bill parducci writes: Re: [xacml] [Model] Composition Use Case
 > /*
 > 1. Ability to describe Matching Rules for attributes (for
 >     example, does "A@EnergyInfoAdmin.doe.gov" match "*.doe.gov").
 > */
 > this is really the key requirement in my example: pattern matching. the 
 > only difference here from what i tossed out was that my 'case' used this 
 > against payload (content) as well has requester information. since i 
 > believe that payload is just another field i think that the generalized 
 > requirement for pattern matching meets the requirement. as pointed out 
 > earlier by a couple of people, i believe that regular expressions should 
 > be used as the basis for patterning.

Matching of X500 Distinguished Names can not be handled via
regular expressions (case, ordering of attribute-value
assertions, handling of spaces, etc.).  URL's can not be handled
via regular expressions (places where case matters versus where
it does not).  Attributes that are themselves complex types (such
as certain X509 Attribute Certificate attributes) can not be
handled via regular expressions.

I don't think the language syntax itself can handle the matching
rules for real-world sets of attributes.  I think the language
must have a way of pointing to executables for handling the

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