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Subject: RE: [xacml] [model] Meeting dates question


sorry for the delay (i was on travel - spent on travel all nov. and dec. 
almost :(
> > Questions:
> > 1. Are we willing to move our next call to January 3?
> >    For me, yes.
> Jan. 3rd is fine with me (same time slot).

same here. 

> > 2. Do we want to have any calls between now and January 3?
> >    For me, no, although I could do a call on Dec 24 and/or on Dec
> >    31.
> The group can certainly have another call before Jan. 3rd, but I will not be
> available.

Christmas is a big thing here and therefore evening of Dec. 24 would not 
work for me (Ernesto already told me that Dec. 24 no concall was having 

i was not in the last concall but i assumed that everybody agrees 
for Jan. 3rd same time then?

talk to you then. 
Happy holidays


P.S. Carlisle, are you taking care of reserving the line for the concall?

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