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Subject: [xacml] Agenda for XACML Face-to-Face (March 11-12, 2002)...

Title: Agenda for XACML Face-to-Face (March 11-12, 2002)...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for getting this out so late.  I meant to send it yesterday after our TC call, but got tied up with other things and then forgot that I hadn't sent it yet...

Anyway, the rough agenda follows.  I'm sure that some fine-tuning will happen as we progress.



Monday, March 11th

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (or later):
   - aside from roll call, etc., for the first 10 minutes or so, we take as much of the day as necessary to come to consensus on the definition and high-level contents of

         ("basic" or "elementary") POLICY,
         ("compound" or "higher-level") POLICY, and
   - breaks:  roughly 10:30-10:45;  12:00-1:00; 3:00-3:30
   - be prepared to camp out in the Sun conference room if necessary.  I would really like these basic definitions to be closed before we adjourn on Monday.

Tuesday, March 12th

9:00-10:30:    Post-conditions / Obligations discussion (led by Michiharu)
10:30-10:45:  BREAK
10:45-11:15:  Post-conditions / Obligations discussion
11:15-12:00:  Arithmetic Operators discussion (led by Ernesto or Tim)
12:00-1:00:    LUNCH
1:00-2:00:      Extensibility discussion (led by Simon)
2:00-3:00:      Use Case discussion (Michiharu on protecting XML resources; Sekhar or Simon on J2SE; any others?)
3:00-3:30:      BREAK
3:30-5:00:      Resolve as many remaining issues from the Issues List as practical
5:00:              Adjourn

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