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Subject: [xacml] Proposed resolution from PM-8-05

I would like to propose a resolution as follows:

-ISSUE: PM-8-05: How to return obligation via SAML

Here is an authorization decision syntax that returns obligation(s). SAML
AuthorizationDecisionStatement is extended to include xacml:obligations
element by type extension. "samle" namespace prefix is used to indicate
SAML extension for the decision assertion with obligation. Note that the
following example just shows the overview for simplicity.

  <saml:AuthorizationDecisionStatement Resource="aaa" Decision="Permit"
   <saml:NameIdentifier SecurityDomain="aaa" Name="Alice"/>
  <saml:Actions Namespace="http://www.oasis-open.org/xmlactions">
   <xacml:obligation obligationId="myId">

The following "samle" schema fragment defines an authorization decision
with obligations.

<complexType name="AuthorizationDecisionStatementWithObligations">
    <extension base="saml:AuthorizationDecisionStatementType">
        <element ref="xacml:obligations"/>

Michiharu Kudo

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Internet Technology
Tel. +81 (46) 215-4642   Fax +81 (46) 273-7428

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