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Subject: Re: [xacml] proposed amendment to Polar's resolution of PM-2-05

in a side discussion with polar it was my impresssion that this exchange
excluded responses to a PEP. is this consistent with the understganding
of others?

i have a BIG problem with a a PDP returning anything to a PEP other than
the decision/obligation, particularly if it provides information on how
to acheive a decision.


> "Beznosov, Konstantin" wrote:
> I suggest to amend the text of the resolution so that the above
> fragment will read the following:

The PDP MAY return an "authorization decision" of "indeterminate" with
an error code of "insufficient information", signifying that more
information needed. In this case, the "authorization decision" MAY list
the names of any attributes of the subject and the resource that are
needed by the PDP to refine its "authorization decision".

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