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Subject: Re: [xacml] proposed amendment to Polar's resolution of PM-2-05

because it provides information on what is necessary to make a decision
for granting access. while this sounds appealing from a programmatic
perspective, it is a fundamental no-no in a security transaction because
it provides feedback for 'safecracking'. in other words, it allows a
nefarious entity to 'query' the system for information leading to


Anne Anderson - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Bill, could you explain your problem?  Sometimes a PEP does not want to
> expose to the PDP all possible attribute values, but only those really
> needed.  By having the PDP supply a list of those attributes required
> for a decision, the PEP can send only those.  In fact, the PDP could
> return a structured set of attributes: "I could return a decision if
> you supply A, B, and C OR D and E."
> Another case is to support the Java Policy "getPermissions" API.  In
> this case, the PEP supplies a partial list of attributes, and gets back
> a list of Permissions (resource/action pairs) that remain as the only
> unknown attributes after substituting the supplied attributes into all
> the Permit rules.  So far, Java Security developers have not indicated
> any requirements for implementing this API, but it is a potential case.

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