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Subject: FW: [xacml] E-mail vote to close issues...

Title: FW: [xacml] E-mail vote to close issues...

From:   Anne Anderson[SMTP:Anne.Anderson@Sun.com]
Sent:   Tuesday, April 09, 2002 10:44 AM
To:     Carlisle.Adams@Entrust.com
Cc:     Anne Anderson
Subject:        Re: [xacml] E-mail vote to close issues...

Due to a reconfiguration of my desktop yesterday, my e-mail is
going out under a different e-mail address.  Due to this, my
mailing to xacml@lists.oasis-open.org bounced.  I expect to have
the problem fixed within a day or so (by having my e-mail go out
under "Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM" again), but in the meantime, could
you post this for me?

From: Anne Anderson <Anne.Anderson@Sun.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 10:16:47 -0400 (EDT)
To: XACML TC <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: Re: [xacml] E-mail vote to close issues...

PM-2-05: Ensuring Completeness (Anne and Polar)
  I vote for Polar's resolution, with Konstantin's "friendly

PM-3-04: Pseudo Code for Combiner Algorithms (Ernesto)
  I vote for Java simply because I think most of us (and most
  future XACML implementers and policy writers) do not know
  OCL. My second choice is C (or C++), if it seems more
  vendor-neutral.  I am happy to accept OCL, however, if that is
  what the majority wish.  I hope there are members who can help
  us compose it :-)

Otherwise, I vote for the resolutions included in Issues Version 6 for:
PM-1-01-A: Implementing global deny and Meta-Policies
PM-1-05: how NOT-APPLICABLE impacts a combinator expression
PM-1-07: how can the set of combinators be extended?
PM-2-01: Referencing Multiple Policies
PM-1-01: Negative Authorizations
PM-1-03: Post-Conditions as a term
PM-2-03: Meaningful Actions
PM-2-08: Outcome of policies and their combination
PM-3-01: Combining Policy Elements
PM-4-10: preserve PAP identity
PM-5-11: should we use a SAML assertion as a container for an
         XACML applicable policy.
PM-5-17: Boolean Expression of rules
PM-8-01: Internal v.s. External post conditions
PM-8-02: Mandatory v.s. advisory post conditions
PM-8-03: Inapplicable
PM-8-04: Base policy v.s. policy reference
PM-8-06: When to execute post condition
PM-8-07: Extension point
MI-1-01: Consistency
MI-1-02: Definition of Policy vs. Rule

I vote for the proposed resolutions as stated in BATCH#2:
MI-1-03: Definition and purpose of Target (Anne)
PM-2-06: Encapsulation of XACML policy (Anne)
PM-8-05: How to return obligation via SAML (Michiharu)

Anne H. Anderson             Email: Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive,UBUR02-311     Tel: 781/442-0928
Burlington, MA 01803-0902 USA  Fax: 781/442-1692

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