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Subject: [xacml] problem understanding resolution for issue PM-2-06

Title: BATCH #2: E-mail vote to close issues...
I'm having a problem to understand the proposed resolution for PM-2-06:
PM-2-06: Encapsulation of XACML policy (Anne)
Proposed Resolution: The XACML syntax will not contain its own
security features.  An XACML rule has no XACML-specified
encapsulation.  An XACML policyStatement or
policyCombinationStatement MAY be encapsulated in a SAML
First, since the issue documentation in the issue list does not have the description of the issue, I'm not sure what the problem to be addressed is. Maybe this leads me to the failure to grasp the proposed resolution. Could somebody explain in plain and non-normative English what the issue is and what the proposed resolution text means?
 Konstantin Beznosov                     Security Architect
 Quadrasis -- We Unify Security   
 Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.
 1601 Trapelo Road                  Phone:  781 768 5840
 Waltham, MA 02451                  Fax:   781 890 4998

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