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Subject: [xacml] CFP: 2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security

ACM will hold XML Security workshop in conjunction with CCS 9 this

Michiharu Kudo

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Internet Technology
Tel. +81 (46) 215-4642   Fax +81 (46) 273-7428
XML Security 2002
2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security
November 22, 2002
Johnson Center in George Mason University, Fairfax VA, USA

Held in conjunction with the Ninth ACM Conference on Computer and
Communications Security (CCS-9)



Today eBusiness plays a key role in the economy. Since many organizations
are suffering from security problems such as computer viruses and security
breaches, computer security has become a crucial concern for eBusiness. XML

has already established itself in eBusiness applications, and the
XML-compliant languages play an important role in almost all eBusiness
application systems and middleware.

The ACM Workshop on XML Security will address security problems faced by
users who try to develop XML-based applications, Web services, and security

middleware for XML. It ranges from specific security features, such as
digital signatures and element-wise encryption and access control of XML
documents, to XML-based infrastructure, such as Web services and XML
databases. Since many security features for XML have already been
standardized, experimental evaluations of these standards is one of the
important topics covered by this workshop.

The XML Security workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry
covering novel research on theoretical and practical aspects of the
security required for XML-based systems. We also encourage submissions from

standardization communities such as W3C and OASIS, particularly from the
technical viewpoint.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- XML digital signatures
- XML encryption
- XML access control
- XML-based key management
- XML-based messaging
- XML-based security assertions
- XML database security
- Security policy languages for XML
- Architecture of XML security
- Security for Web services
- Experimental studies of above topics


Important Dates:
Paper submissions due: August 10, 2002
Acceptance notifications: September 30, 2002
Proceedings papers due October 31, 2002
XML Security Workshop: November 22, 2002


Program Committee:

- Blake Dournaee, RSA Security
- Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft
- Christian Geuer-Pollmann, University of Siegen
- Ernest Damiani, University of Milan
- Hiroshi Maruyama, IBM
- Polar Humenn, Syracuse University
- Stephen Farrell, Baltimore
- Tim Moses, Entrust


Submission instructions:

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap papers that have been
published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference

with proceedings. Papers should be at most 15 pages excluding the
bibliography and well-marked appendices (using 11-point font and reasonable

margins on letter-size paper), and at most 20 pages total. Committee
members are not required to read the appendices, and so the paper should be

intelligible without them. Papers should have a cover page with the title,
authors, abstract and contact information.

To submit a paper, send to kudo@jp.ibm.com a plain ASCII text email
containing the title and abstract of your paper, the authors' names, email
and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, and identification of the
contact author. To the same message, attach your submission (as a MIME
attachment) in PDF or portable postscript format. Do NOT send files
formatted for word processing packages (e.g., Microsoft Word or WordPerfect


Papers must be received by the deadline of August 10, 2002. Notification of

acceptance or rejection will be sent to the authors no later than September

30, 2002, and authors will have an opportunity to revise for preproceedings

version by October 31, 2002. Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that

their paper will be presented at the workshop. During the workshop
preproceedings will be made available. It is planned to publish selected
revised full papers in an edited collection after the workshop. Final
versions are not due until after the workshop, giving the authors the
opportunity to revise their papers based on discussions during the meeting.

Program Chair
Michiharu Kudo
IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Japan
email: kudo@jp.ibm.com
phone: +81-46-215-4642
fax: +81-46-273-7428

Program Co-chair
Phillip Hallam-Baker
Verisign, USA

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