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Subject: RE: [xacml] Minutes of meeting

Title: RE: [xacml] Minutes of meeting


A couple of extra notes covering the time from when Tim had to drop out (about 11:30 Eastern) to the end of the call.



Polar asked about "subset":  can it do things like "is the current day Monday?" (or perhaps "is it currently the weekend?"), or do we need another predicate for this?

Simon raised a concern about knowing the context of an attribute in a <condition/> element.  Will the AttributeNamespace always be enough to make it clear whether this is an attribute pertaining to the resource, or the subject, or the environment?  This sort of context is available in the <target/> element, but not in <condition/>.  Anne agreed, saying that something analogous to the "Holder" field of an X.509 Attribute Certificate would be nice.  Simon will begin a list discussion on this topic.

Anne asked whether schema issues will be collected and tracked as policy model issues were (the answer is "yes").  Simon will post to the list a short write-up on the four issues left open at the end of today's discussion so that Ken can begin tracking these.  (These issues are RuleId, extensions, core functions, and attribute designations in conditions.)

Carlisle will propose an agenda for next week's F2F meeting within a couple of days.  Suggestions for specific topics to discuss are welcome.

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