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Subject: [xacml] Re: F2F details... (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 15:56:25 +0200 (CEST)
From: Pierangela Samarati <samarati@pinky.crema.unimi.it>
Reply-To: samarati@dti.unimi.it
To: Carlisle Adams <carlisle.adams@entrust.com>
Cc: "'samarati@dti.unimi.it'" <samarati@dti.unimi.it>,
     "'edamiani@crema.unimi.it'" <edamiani@crema.unimi.it>
Subject: Re: F2F details...

> 1) Will there be a dial-in number (so that those who are not able to
> physically attend can call to participate or to get an update on our
> discussions)?

i will send out the phone number by monday morning
> 2) Will there be Internet access from the University (either from our
> meeting room or from some other location)?  Any idea whether there will
> be Internet access from the hotel rooms?

yes, there is Internet access in the meeting room. i do not know about the 
hotel, will ask them
> 3) Do you have a phone number that people can use if they run into
> trouble, or get lost, or whatever, on their way to the meeting?  A cell
> phone number for either of you would be great, or perhaps a number for
> an (English speaking) secretary at the University (although this
> wouldn't help if someone is stuck somewhere on Sunday).

Pierangela's phone numbers (pls do not hesitate to call if you need 

office: 02-503.30061 or 0373-898061
home: 0377-88951
mobile: 335-8164207



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