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Subject: [xacml] Mon 29th concall - URGENT

Dear all,
I hope you all had a safe trip back and carry not-too-bad memories of your
stay in Italy.
As it was decided at the F2F the agenda for today concall will be

1. discussing and hopefully approving Michiharu's (and Simon) proposal for
XACML context that was sent to the list a couple of days ago. Tim comments
would be useful here.

2. As a possible second point, I would also like to remind you that we still
do not have a description on our activity on the Web; Michiharu asked for
Here is my proposal:

"The Schema subcommittee is aimed at :
1. developing XACML access control model into an XML Schema (and its
associated namespace)expressing normative XACML 1.0 syntax .
2. providing examples of policies written in XACML based on real-world use
3. providing general, non-normative guidelines for implementation and
conformance tests."

Anyway points two and three could be deleted if you believe we have already
our hands full at the moment.

IMPORTANT: I had a sudden health problem (nothing serious a terrible
tootache and my face is half swollen). I am waiting for a call from my
dentist telling me when I can go and if it is during concall hours I won't
be able to attend. Sorry..

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