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Subject: [xacml] XACML Context

Dear Colleagues

Through the discussions in F2F, TC confcalls, and internal discussions in
IBM,  I became much confident that the idea of XACML Context is worth
continuing further. I think that the assertion-neutral XACML Context can
function as a generic data-level interface between PEP and PDP that is
independent of any specific programming language and specific assertion
format. While I am trying to find time to prepare more detailed description
for XACML Context, it is a little difficult for me to find enough time to
elaborate since I am still travelling in U.S. I think I cannot attend the
Monday confcall because of the schedule conflict. I think I will finish my
homework by the next next confcall (13 May) if I am safely back to Tokyo as
scheduled. I mean that the discussion on the list should start in the week
of next TC confcall (16) at the latest. If you have any good idea on XACML
Context, please let me know and post it to the mailing-list too.

Michiharu Kudo

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Internet Technology
Tel. +81 (46) 215-4642   Fax +81 (46) 273-7428

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