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Subject: [xacml] Schema subcommittee May 5th minutes

> minutes of 6-5
> participants: konstantin, don, anne, polar, ernesto, simon, carlisle
> 1. F2F minutes approval
> Raw minutes of the Milan F2F produced by Simon will be appended to the
> current minutes written by Carlisle and others.
> 2. XACML context definition
> Following previous discussions, Simon illustrates the first part of his
> proposal for a XACML context. After a thorough discussion it is decided
> it will be partly modified, using the base URI of a resource as the holder
> of a resource property (e.g. a part of its content) and putting it in the
> resource part.
> Besides modifying the proposal accordingly, Simon and Michiharu will
> complete it and hopefully present a preliminary definition of the XACML
> context on May 13th concall.
> It is also agreed that Ernesto will send out a note to the whole XACML
> group, pointing out the fact that the Schema subgroup is going ahead with
> the XACML context definition and reminding everyone that a final decision
> whether to adopt a context or not needs to be be taken on the 16th.
> 3. Attribute designators
> 3.1 Carlisle illustrates the current AttributeDesignator structure.
> Simon proposes the AttributeLocator attribute to be a XPath expression
> XACML context. AttributeLocator should not include the URI of the logical
> XML document containing the context itself.
> The URI logical document containing the context would be specified under
> resource portion of the XACML context, in a new ResourceLocation
> This proposal is left as an open issue.
> 3.2 Different techniques qualification of attribute names were discussed,
> was decided to look into SAML technique and to compare it with
> straightforward namespace qualification.
> Qualification is left as an open issue.
> 4. Schema Sub Committee Activity planning
> Next concall will be used for closing Policy/Rule discussion. People are
> invited to post opinions to the list.
> Separately we shall start discussion on the predicate structure, taking
> account the context proposal made by Michiharu and Simon.
> Specifically next concalls' agenda should be the following:
> 13 May 2002, 10AM (US ET)   Policy/Rule + start discussion on predicate
> 20 May 2002, 10AM (US ET)   Predicate expression/predicates taking context
> into account
> 27 May 2002, 10AM (US ET)   Obligations/Functions
> This would lead us to conclude our work in time for the June 1st deadline

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