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Subject: [xacml] XACML Spec v0.13...

Title: XACML Spec v0.13...


As promised, here is v0.13 of the XACML specification (Tim asked me to do this version since he is currently on vacation).  It incorporates Tim's previously-issued v0.13b schema, as well as new text in the LDAP profile section.  I believe it also conforms with all the resolutions and amendments (i.e., "BATCH #1" and "BATCH #2") that we recently voted closed (see, for example, Polar's text in the new Section 9 and my suggested text in Section 7).  At Konstantin's request, this version has change bars so that revisions can be found easily (for those that use Word).

As we decided on the most recent schema subcommittee con-call, this version does not incorporate all our recent discussion on context and does not incorporate Simon's proposals on attribute functions.  We are also waiting for Hal's input on Section 6.  Hopefully all of these (once we have some consensus) can go into v0.14.

If someone would like to "accept all changes" and then circulate a .pdf version of this document (for those that don't use Word), that would be great...


<<XACML v0.13.doc>>

Attachment: XACML v0.13.doc
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