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Subject: Re: [xacml] Next F2F meeting...

My vote:

Date:  Thu., June 20th - Fri., June 21st
Place:  no preference

Michiharu Kudo

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Internet Technology
Tel. +81 (46) 215-4642   Fax +81 (46) 273-7428

                    Carlisle Adams                                                                                     
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                                             Subject:     [xacml] Next F2F meeting...                                  
                    2002/05/17 00:34                                                                                   
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                    Carlisle Adams                                                                                     

Hi all,

On the TC con-call today we discussed a time and location for the next
face-to-face meeting for XACML.  It is getting to be tricky to find a
suitable time because we're in the season where a lot of conferences and
workshops get scheduled (e.g., SACMAT, Policy workshop, OMG, etc.) and,
furthermore, SAML has some interop activities planned (dry runs in June and
actual demo in July).  On top of that, of course, is the teaching schedule
in Italy (semester ends in mid-June) and the inevitable vacations that
occur all through the summer...

In any case, we came up with a small number of possibilities:

Date:  Wed., June19th - Thu., June 20th
   or     Thu., June 20th - Fri., June 21st

Place:  Boston, MA (somewhere in the Boston area)
   or     Ottawa, ON (Canada)
   or     Los Angeles, CA (Manhattan Beach area, where we held a previous

We will go with whatever has the greatest number of votes (unless the
number is too small to make a productive meeting, in which case we should
consider a different time and/or location).

Please vote for a date and a place by next Thursday, the 23rd; I will
summarize and post the results on Friday, May 24th.


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