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Subject: Re: [xacml] Next F2F meeting: RESULTS and PLEASE VOTE...

Title: Next F2F meeting: RESULTS and PLEASE VOTE...

My preference is July 20-21, Boston (just because it would require no travel). Other location choices in descending priority order are Ottawa, then LA.


Carlisle Adams wrote:


Well, I've received exactly four votes, as follows:

   Anne:  Bos, Ott, LA (in order of preference) ; either date
   Bill:      LA ; either date
   Ken:    LA ; 20-21
   Michiharu:  any of the three locations ; 20-21

These results lean toward June 20-21 and Manhattan Beach (LA), but there haven't been enough votes to actually make a decision.  I can make a few more guesses:

   Don, Konstantin, and Hal would probably have a slight preference for Boston;
   Michiharu has indicated in the past that the East coast is harder for him than the West, so he probably has a slight preference for LA;

   Tim and I would probably have a slight preference for Ottawa or Boston;
   Polar has indicated (verbally) that he has a preference for Ottawa.

But of course I'm reluctant to make any decisions based on my guesses of people's preferences...

So here's the deal.  I will extend the vote until the end of Wednesday, the 29th, and give the result on our TC call on the 30th.  Please indicate an order of preference for all the dates/locations you can attend and also say if you CANNOT attend a particular date/location.  If I can't distill from all this at least 8 "OK"s for a particular date/location, then I don't think we can have a meeting in June.


P.S., Not to try and influence the voting in any way, but I just thought I'd mention that June is typically the nicest time of year in Ottawa.  (Fall is very beautiful, with all the leaves changing colour, etc., but I'm hopeful that we will not still be meeting for XACML 1.0 in the fall.)  As Tim has said, we like you all far too much to invite you to Ottawa at any other time of year!  :-)  So, if you ever wanted to see Canada's capital city, this might be a good opportunity...

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