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Subject: [xacml] RE: XACML question [Fwd: PDP-PRP protocol?]

Hi Gerald
Did you subscribe to the mailing list?  You have to request of the chair, either Carlisle or Hal, to subscribe to the mailing list.  I have copied your mail to the list.

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Gerald Brose [mailto:Gerald.Brose@xtradyne.com] 
	Sent: Mon 5/27/2002 12:05 PM 
	To: Flinn, Don; Beznosov, Konstantin 
	Cc: Gerald Brose 
	Subject: XACML question [Fwd: PDP-PRP protocol?]

	Hi Don and Konstantin,
	I tried to send the following message to the xacml list,
	but was not allowed not post there (although I am a
	"prospective TC member" now).
	Could you have a look at my question and either
	a) tell me what I am missing here, or perhaps
	b) forward this question to the list on my behalf?
	Thanks for your time and cheers,
	-------- Original Message --------
	Subject: PDP-PRP protocol?
	Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 17:52:21 +0200
	From: Gerald Brose <Gerald.Brose@xtradyne.com>
	Reply-To: Gerald.Brose@xtradyne.com
	Organization: Xtradyne Technologies
	To: xacml@lists.oasis-open.org
	CC: Gerald Brose <Gerald.Brose@xtradyne.com>
	I was wondering whether the policy request interface between
	the PDP and the PDP would not benefit from a standardized
	interface (p. 15 of the v13 draft). The return value from
	the PRP has a standard format (viz. XACML policyStatement),
	but the request hasn't.
	I would have thought that interoperability using this
	interface could potentially be one of the main selling points
	of XACML for PEP/PDP vendors ("mechanism vendors") and PRP/PAP
	vendors ("tool vendors").
	Best regards, Gerald.
	Dr. Gerald Brose, Software Architect    mailto:brose@xtradyne.com
	Xtradyne Technologies                     http://www.xtradyne.com
	Schoenhauser Allee 6-7,                  Phone: +49-30-440 306-27
	D-10119 Berlin, Germany                  Fax  : +49-30-440 306-78

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