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Subject: Re: [xacml] Next F2F meeting: PROPOSAL

Title: Next F2F meeting: PROPOSAL
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Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 11:26 AM
Subject: [xacml] Next F2F meeting: PROPOSAL


As discussed on today's con-call, the majority of the votes I received were for

   Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach area),
   June 20-21, 2002.

In order to determine whether we will have enough people attending to make this a useful and productive meeting, I would like an electronic "show of hands" regarding who will be able to attend.  (I know of one who said for sure that he cannot come, but a response from the rest of you would be appreciated.)

Please e-mail me with your availability / non-availability for this place and date by Wednesday, June 5th, and we can begin further planning on the TC con-call on June 6th.


N.B., For those who were not on today's TC call, note that we voted today to have the TC meet weekly (every Thursday from 10:00 - 11:00 EDT), instead of every other week, in order to increase our progress as we come to closure on our specification.

Michiharu:  can you please ensure that this change in schedule is displayed prominently on our Web site?  Thanks!

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