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Subject: [xacml] thought about simple rules

One of my colleagues suggests we make the "Target" element
optional in a "Rule".  What do people think?

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To: anne.anderson@sun.com
Subject: thought about simple rules
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 16:56:21 -0400

In the case of policies that have only one rule in the ruleset, it seems to
me that the common case will be that the target in the policy and the target
in the rule will be the same (indeed, there are examples of this in the spec).
I was thinking that it might help to compact policies if the spec allowed
(for example) for the target in a rule to be optional, and in that case it
would inherit the rule in the policy. It seems like something along those
lines would help scenarios where there are lots of policy files, but each
file contained (essentially) only one rule.

I'm just concerned because I'm starting to think about how big these policy
files will be, and it's fairly clear that there's a lot of repeated stuff
that will make relatively small policies use up lots of bits.

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