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Subject: Re: [xacml] New target schema

Basically, I like your proposed schema fragment.

1. What is the merit when we deal with "action" in a way that is identical
to the other components of target (which syntax are you suggesting)?
3. I need a "xpath-match" function that compares two xpath expressions. It
is used in XML document access control use case. In the example below, a
node set determined by a location path specified in the 'access' attribute
in the request context has one or more items that is determined by
"//phone" xpath expression (some match equality semantics). If the
attribute specified in the request context is "/a/b/phone", then it matches
to "//phone". Then it is applicable.

      <AttributeDesignator Match="xpath-match" DataType="xs:string"
        <Value DataType="xs:string">//phone</Value>

5. Again, we need to define a support level for each function in terms of
quick implementation.


IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Internet Technology
Tel. +81 (46) 215-4642   Fax +81 (46) 273-7428

                      Tim Moses                                                                                                        
                      <tim.moses@entrus        To:       "'XACML'" <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>                                        
                      t.com>                   cc:                                                                                     
                                               Subject:  [xacml] New target schema                                                     
                      2002/07/16 04:11                                                                                                 
                      Please respond to                                                                                                
                      Tim Moses                                                                                                        

Colleagues - What do people think of this? ...

1. Treats "action" in a way that is identical to the other components of
2. Doesn't have a reserved value to indicate 'all'.  The value of Attribute
and the MatchFunction have to be chosen to indicate 'all', if that is what
is desired.

3. All the equality operators are included.  Perhaps some should not be
allowed for the purposes of target.
4. Function will extend the MatchFunction list.
5. Do the function enumeration values have to be URIs.  A string like
"numeric-equal" would be more succinct.  If we feel that function
definitions would need a namespace qualifier, then we might as well leave
the function name as a URI.

6. String-match uses the regular expression syntax.

Let me have your thoughts.

All the best.  Tim.

<xs:complexType name="TargetType">
                <xs:element name="Subjects" type="xacml:MatchType"
                <xs:element name="Resources" type="xacml:MatchType"
                <xs:element name="Actions" type="xacml:MatchType" maxOccurs
<!-- -->
<xs:complexType name="MatchType">
                <xs:element ref="xacml:AttributeDesignator"/>
                <xs:element ref="xacml:Attribute"/>
        <xs:attribute name="Match" type="xacml:MatchFunctionType"/>
<!-- -->
<xs:simpleType name="MatchFunctionType">
        <xs:restriction base="xs:anyURI">
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value
                <xs:enumeration value

Tim Moses
Tel: 613.270.3183

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