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Subject: Re: [xacml] Which date duration functions mandatory?

I have a little different idea about restriction on date duration function.
My understanding is that any function that requires duration data type
(yearMonthDuration, dayTimeDuration etc.) as an input and/or an output is
NOT mandatory. It is simpler for implementers.


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                      n.COM>                   Subject:  [xacml] Which date duration functions mandatory?                         
                      2002/07/25 00:22                                                                                            
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We decided not to make date duration functions mandatory for XACML 1.0,
because they can be a bear to get right.

For conformance tests, I am trying to pin down exactly which functions
are "date duration" functions.  The following is my understanding:

Any function that requires converting a value into a new date value is
NOT mandatory.  I.e. "7/24/02 plus 10 days = 8/3/02" is NOT mandatory.

Any function that requires subtracting two date values to obtain a
duration is NOT mandatory.  I.e. "8/3/02 - 7/24/02 = 10 days" is NOT

Any function that adds, subtracts, etc. durations of days, months, or
years to yield a new duration IS mandatory.  I.e. "8 days plus 10 days
= 18 days" IS mandatory.

Anne Anderson       Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Internet Security Research Group, Sun Labs
Sun Microsystems, Inc., Burlington, MA

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