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Subject: [xacml] Open Issues in Issues List

Per the current issues list, the following issues are still open. We will need to discuss these next Thursday on the call. If anyone cares to send me the text for a resolution before then, it will allow us to spend more time on any issues that may need discussion. These issues can be found in version 08 of the document. I will be publishing a version 09 early next week.


ISSUE:[PM-3-03: multiple Base Policies]

ISSUE:[PM-3-03A: default PDP result]

ISSUE:[PM-3-04: Pseudo Code for Combiner Algorithms]

ISSUE:[PM-4-01: Triplet Syntax (was Syntactic Sugar)]

ISSUE:[PM-4-03: Required type in policy]

ISSUE:[PM-4-08:XML elements include xsi:type]

ISSUE:[PM-5-01: Non-SAML Input]

ISSUE:[PM-5-02: Wildcards on Resource Hierarchies]

ISSUE:[PM-5-05: XPath]

ISSUE:[PM-5-06: Multiple actions in single request]

ISSUE:[PM-5-07: Delegation]

ISSUE:[PM-5-08: saml;Action is a "string"]

ISSUE:[PM-5-09: saml;AuthorizationQuery requires actions]

ISSUE:[PM-5-10: single subject in AuthorizationQuery]

ISSUE:[PM-5-12:derive attribute from saml:AttributeValueType]

ISSUE:[PM-5-13: Base Policy supplied as part of AuthorizationDecisionQuery]

ISSUE:[PM-5-14: Resource Structure]

ISSUE:[PM-5-15: Attribute reference tied to object]

ISSUE:[PM-5-16: Arithmetic Operators ]

ISSUE:[PM-5-18: Request/Response Context]

ISSUE:[PM-5-19: Authorization Decision]

ISSUE:[PM-6-01: SAML Assertions URI]

ISSUE:[PM-7-01: XACML extensions]

ISSUE:[SI-1-01:Graphical Representation of Schema]

ISSUE:[SI-1-02:Identify Attributes for Rule and Policy]

ISSUE:[SI-1-03:Built-In Predicate Functions]

ISSUE:[SI-1-04:Attribute Designation in context of condition]

ISSUE:[SI-1-05:Extension Schemas]

ISSUE:[MI-3-01: XrML]

ISSUE:[MI-4-02: RAD]


ISSUE:[MI-4-04: Java Security Model]


Ken Yagen

Director Engineering

CrossLogix, Inc.


Enterprise Scale Entitlement for Leveraging Corporate Data(tm)


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