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Subject: RE: [xacml] Revised specification - added matching functions

I am revising the spreadsheet anyway - some functions were missing - I will
send it out soon.

But I do not think there is a problem with this - we naturally have all
arguments as sequences anyway - due to the nature of attribute selection in
context.  There is nothing confusing about what this functions return as
they will provide the exact same result on single<type> as on
ne_sequence<type>.  Whatever function consumes their result will deal with
sequence being of incorrect length.

Use case would be:  if context has multiple values of a decimal argument
foo, and you want to check whether at least one of the values, rounded, is
equal to an integer 3.

you will use (member_of ((attribute value type=int)3) (round (attribute
selector name=foo))) 

On the other hand I would not advice specifying map_X functions with
sequence<type>, instead of ne_sequence<>.
What are their result for an empty sequence?  They should produce an error,
as specified for an empty sequence.

So you addition does seem to clarify anything, but introduces a unspecified
behaviour for an empty sequence..


-----Original Message-----
From: Polar Humenn [mailto:polar@syr.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 10:51 AM
To: Daniel Engovatov
Cc: ''''Tim Moses' ' ' '; ''''XACML' ' ' '
Subject: RE: [xacml] Revised specification - added matching functions


I have an issue with :

22	round	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>
23	floor	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>
24	abs	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>
25	integer	ne_sequence<xs:integer>	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>
26	decimal	ne_sequence<xs:decimal>	ne_sequence<xs:integer>

These functions which you would assume apply to numbers apply to
non empty sequences.

I would prefer:

round              xs:decimal xs:decimal
floor              xs:decimal xs:decimal
abs                xs:decimal xs:decimal
integer_to_decimal xs:integer xs:decimal
decimal_to_integer xs:decimal xs:integer

and their "map" equivalents, if they are really needed.

map_round              sequence<xs:decimal> sequence<xs:decimal>
map_floor              sequence<xs:decimal> sequence<xs:decimal>
map_abs                sequence<xs:decimal> sequence<xs:decimal>
map_integer_to_decimal sequence<xs:integer> sequence<xs:decimal>
map_decimal_to_integer sequence<xs:decimal> sequence<xs:integer>

The new proposed spreadsheet is attached.


On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Daniel Engovatov wrote:

> Attached.

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