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Subject: [xacml] Chapter 2 & 3 Review

I've completed my review of Chapter 2 & 3 and have attached the MSWord
file with the track changes on.

It went pretty well, except for some of the things that I had broght up,
and I've incorporated Anne's clarifications on one of the examples.

I changed all the xacml identifiers in the example to 1.0 I've used <Apply
FuncitonId="function:string-first"> where necessary to select from the
Attribute Desiginator and Selector result sequences to a single result

That's it.

I really do have a gut wrenching ache with the paragprah that starts "XML
is a natural choice as the basis for the common security-policy
langugage,...", but what the heck. :^)


Attachment: XACMLv0.16c-Polar0.1.doc
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