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Subject: RE: [xacml] How do I require subject not to be a member of a give ngroup?

>Question: Do we really want to make the "xacml:*-sequence" data types
>equivalent with the sequences returned from XPATH or

My guess would be it will be absolutely redundant.  We do not have anything
but a sequence anyway - that what a query for an attribute will always

All we need to cover this use case is the ability to define a sequence of
primitive values as a literal function parameter.

So you can write this example in the way  (ommitting <Apply>)
if (integer-equal 0 (string-length (string-intersection name ["Bob",

That would say - any "name" attribute must not be "Bob" or "Steve"

No need to make ["Bob", "Steve"] a new data type - this is the same type
that <Designator> for "name" will return:  ["Daniel"] for only once instance
in the context.

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