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Subject: [xacml] Proposed Charter Modification

Title: Proposed Charter Modification

I propose we amend the charter by replacing:

"Note that, aside from the XACML policy instance itself, all PDP inputs and outputs MUST be SAML-compliant (i.e., conform with the assertions and protocol messages defined in the SS-TC SAML specification), although other syntaxes/formats for the PDP input and output MAY be supported in addition to this."

With this:

"The XACML specification must make it possible for an XACML PDP to be capable of accepting SAML conformant inputs and producing SAML conformant outputs."

I believe this preserves the original intention behind this paragraph. At the same time it permits:

1. A mapping step to occur between the contexts and the corresponding SAML messages,
2. Additional inputs and outputs, not defined in SAML to be consumed and produced, and
3. A XACML conformant PDP to not implement SAML.


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