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Subject: RE: [xacml] Function Document Issues

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Daniel Engovatov wrote:

> >that said, my 'proposal' is to ask that you post to the list the
> >specifics of what you think we should limit the discussion to. that
> >would help clarify the situation (to me anyway :o)
> >thanks
> >b
> I believe we ended up the call agreeing on the document, as it is, minus
> the *-on-error functions, that Polar added a bit later.  We should certainly
> discuss those.  My personal opinion - is that having some additional
> error-hiding functions is not necessery, and it never came up previously,
> though I do not object that it may be useful for some use cses that I am
> unaware at the moment.

If we use the definitons of AND, OR, and N-OF that we have now, we have
Error Hiding functions, which came after the call.

> Attached is the specification document, as we finished the discussion today.
> We resolved several open issues.  I would propose that we review it and vote
> on accepting.
> If I understand correctly there are two change requests open for discussion.
> 1) Add Error catching functions as proposed by Polar
> 2) Rewrite "or" and "and" specifications to allow accepting invalid(error)
> arguments for the cases, when them having an explicit boolen value would not
> change the result.

I don't agree with forcing anything opportunisticly to a vote without some
level of agreement from all of us. I don't want to "freeze" anything that
is still in gel form, just to railroad it into a brick.

Let's keep discussing the issues and productively come to a conclusion on
the matters before we vote on anything.


> Please correct me if I missed anything.
> Thanks.
> Daniel.
> On a side note:
> Also I do not think that, given that we do have arithmetic operations and
> missing external data occurring as a normal operational procedure, declaring
> of a simple, definitive and deterministic way of computing INDETERMINATE
> result of a rule evaluation is in any way an "abhorent" practice - so far I
> have not seen any clear use cases or concrete examples demonstrating
> otherwise.
> If I remeber correctly - addition of INDETERMINATE, as a separate evaluation
> result from NONAPPLICABLE is something we all agreed on for quite some time
> - thus we do need explicit rules of computing such result.
> It would not quite work if encountering an overflow, when adding two numbers
> received from PEP, one PDP will subsitute resulting value with some default,
> other make rule NONAPPLICABLE, other produce INDETERMINATE for one rule and
> yet another one halt evaluation.

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