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Subject: [xacml] [CR] AttributeSelectorIndirect

Based on the discussion on Monday call, Simon and I agreed to changing the
schema to support an AttributeSelectorIndirect element to retrieve a XPath
expression from the context. I wonder whether the name of this element is
appropriate or not.

<xs:complexType name="AttributeSelectorBaseType">
  <xs:element ref="xacml:XPathNamespace" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs
  <xs:attribute name="DataType" type="xs:anyURI" use="optional"/>
  <xs:attribute name="XPathVersion" type="xs:anyURI" use="optional" default

<xs:complexType name="AttributeSelectorType">
    <xs:extension base="AttributeSelectorBaseType">
      <xs:attribute name="RequestContextPath" type="xs:string" use

<xs:complexType name="AttributeSelectorIndirectType">
  <xs:extension base="AttributeSelectorBaseType">
      <xs:element ref="xacml:SubjectAttributeDesignator"/>
      <xs:element ref="xacml:ResourceAttributeDesignator"/>
      <xs:element ref="xacml:ActionAttributeDesignator"/>
      <xs:element ref="xacml:EnvironmentAttributeDesignator"/>

<xs:element name="AttributeSelector" type="AttributeSelectorType"/>
<xs:element name="AttributeSelectorIndirect" type

<xs:element name="XPathNamespace" type="xacml:XPathNamespaceType"
<xs:complexType name="XPathNamespaceType">
  <xs:attribute name="NamespaceURI" type="xs:anyURI"/>
  <xs:attribute name="Prefix" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>

Sample text for this element:

5.28. Element <AttributeSelectorIndirect>

The <AttributeSelectorIndirect> element is a free-form pointing device into
the <xacml-context:Request> element using an attribute designator. The
actual xpath expression is retrieved from the context pointed by that
attribute designator. Other than that, the semantics is the same with
<AttributeSelector> element. Support for the <AttributeSelectorIndirect>
element is OPTIONAL.

The <AttributeSelectorIndirect> element is of AttributeSelectorIndirectType
complex type.
The <AttributeSelectorIndirect> element has either one of the following



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