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Subject: Re: [xacml] Multi-valued attributes in Request. Forwarded from SethProctor.

i agree.


Polar Humenn wrote:
> We have multiple <AttributeValue> in attributes?
> You mean in the Request Context?
> That really shouldn't be.
> Being that the request context is a "notational"  structure, there really
> insn't any need for "economy", such as it is with XML, on these things.
> Also, since the <Attribute> has the DataType attribute, and has the
> <AttributeValue> element which must conform to the DataType, I really see
> no reason to have such things. Why complicate matters?
> The request context is "notational" and using the language of XML schema
> should just say that each attribute shall have an attribute id, a
> datatype, and a value for that datatype, and may have and issuer and issue
> instant.
> I suggest we clear this up by changing the schema to make the attribute
> value occurance to minOccurs=1 maxOccurs=1.
> Cheers,
> -Polar

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